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Mobile Container Sales storage container designs have evolved over the years as new products became available. We've been building portable storage containers since 2004. Our containers have undergone years of extensive testing from real life uses all over the United States and Canada. Standardizing our manufacturing process to incorporate time tested products helped us create the most durable, longest lasting mobile storage containers available. They can be stored inside or outside. They can be easily stacked up to three high. They can be delivered with roll off trucks, tilt-n-load trailers or specialized delivery systems.

Our mobile storage containers can be shipped cost effectively anywhere in North America. Mobile Container Sales manufactures and ships each storage container in easy to assemble modular units.

Portable storage containers are the building blocks for any mobile storage business. As your business grows, so will your inventory of storage containers. Making a mistake in purchasing substandard storage containers can be very costly and even devastating to any company. Buy containers that last and save yourself from the costly expenses associated with repairs.

Buy the longest lasting, most durable, universal mobile storage containers available. Many years of engineering, research and testing are incorporated into this new portable storage container design. Versatile enough to be delivered with any type of delivery system and withstand any climate. Strong enough to stack fully loaded containers three high. Cost effective to ship anywhere and easy to assemble. Buy them once and use them for life.

MCS products have undergone years of extensive testing from real life uses from coast to coast in the United States and Canada. Standardizing our manufacturing process to incorporate time tested materials and designs helped create the most durable, longest lasting mobile storage containers available.

MCS mobile storage containers can be delivered with roll off trucks, tilt n load trailers, or specialized delivery systems. They can be kept inside or outside in any weather. They are easy to assemble, cost effective to ship and are the longest lasting containers available today.

MCS roll off container trailer is great for containers, cars, lumber or any other heavy duty loads. It was designed to be a multi-purpose use trailer so transporting just about anything is simple. The heavy duty winch makes loading and unloading seem effortless.

MCS removable container wheel kits insert directly into the container receiver slots. They are easily removed after the container is in place. They swivel to make loading and unloading a snap. The pneumatic wheels are ideal for moving containers over rough surfaces and make for easy loading and unloading.

All MCS products are proudly built in the United States and can be cost effectively shipped anywhere in North America.

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Easy to Assemble Portable Storage Containers

1- Layout the Unit

2- Install Side Wall

3- Install Other Side Wall

4- Install Rear Wall Panel

5- Lower Roof and Secure

6- Install Door

Modular Flat Pack Container Delivery

Mobile Container Sales (MCS) can ship 14 our our largest 20 ft storage containers or 21 of the large 16 ft. storage containers or 42 of the smaller 8 ft. storage vault containers on one flatbed semi-truck. Our portable storage containers are best shipped in quantities that maximize each truck which lowers your overall cost per unit. We can also mix and match a variety of different size containers to optimize shipping. For unloading, we recommend using a large forklift, but also can be unloaded with a boom crane equipped with slings or other heavy duty equipment.

Semi with containers

MCS has easy to assemble portable storage containers. To assemble containers, MCS provides a complete set of assembly instructions. You will then go over the instructions via phone or in person with a MCS member who has actually put many of these containers together. If you have additional questions while assembling containers, you may call a MCS member 7 days a week for immediate answers. It usually takes 2 men about an hour from start to finish to assemble each unit using standard tools. Naturally, the first container may take a little longer.


These mobile storage containers were easy to assemble once we got the hang of it. Everything comes included. No special tools needed. Follow the instructions and have a few guys to help to make the process flow nicely. Great container quality I'm proud to put my name on. They're rock solid.


We needed a large forklift to unload them when they first arrived. Fortunately, we were able to borrow one from our neighboring business. The doors were shipped separately, so make sure you have someone there to unload them.


All in all, I give these guys 5 stars out of a possible 5 rating. Superior quality to the mobile storage containers I previously purchased. Once built, they should last virtually forever. MCS obviously has this process down to the last nut. Great company, great people, great product!

Star Star Star Star Star Mark D. Ontario, Canada ...... 5 star rated

Star Star Star Star Star  Eddie S. New Hampshire...... 5 star rated